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About us

Buying and selling boats is a popular activity among water sports enthusiasts and those looking for a new adventure on the water. As a shipping company, we have gained a broad and varied experience over the years. From moving goods across the ocean to building ships and providing logistics support, we've explored many facets of the shipping industry.

Over the years, we have kept up to date with the latest laws and regulations regulating the shipping industry, as well as the evolving needs of our customers. By constantly adapting and innovating we can ensure that we offer our customers the best possible service.

The shipping industry is a complex and varied sector, with many players each playing their own role. By working together with other companies, agents and ports, we can ensure that our ships operate safely and efficiently, and that we can provide our customers with the best possible logistics solutions.

The experience gained as a shipping company, both with BST Dintelsas and BST Marine Trading, has taught us to be flexible, resilient and creative, while keeping our focus on safety and quality. We are proud of our contribution to this dynamic and vital industry, and we are determined to continue to develop and grow in the future.